Our story

Cinta Manis' story began a few years ago, when Stine was looking for the perfect handbag. After searching the world without success, she created her own bag inspired by travel, culture and design. But Stine's creative journey did not stop there.

After living several years in Bali, with tropical weather, sandy beaches and many hours spent in bikinis, Stine wanted to develop Cinta Manis to include swimwear as well. She wanted to bring the tropical island atmosphere into Cinta Manis, and create designs that could be used both on the beach, by the pool or as a stylish addition to the 'summer look'.

Sweet Love of Life

This resulted in Cinta Manis' first swimwear collection, "Sweet Love of Dreams". The collection has three different designs; one for maximum sunbathing, one for those who want a little more detail and which is a little more covering, and a fantastic bathing suit. Each design is made to make every woman feel amazing, no matter the occasion.

The swimwear is made from a high-quality 80/20 Lycra/Nylon blend, which ensures long-lasting wear and comfort. The colors in the collection - olive green, black and rust red - give you the opportunity to mix and match the different designs based on what you like best.

The production

Each design is handmade in a small factory in Bali, where the seamstresses have good working conditions and wages. In Indonesia, it is common for women to have to leave the workforce when they have children, as there are no daycare centers available, and the families will then lose half their income base. At this small factory, they have normal working hours, and for those who cannot work from the factory, they have the opportunity to have a sewing machine and what they need set up in their homes. This provides more opportunities for the local families.

Our name

The name, Cinta Manis, originates from Indonesia and means 'sweet love'. This name symbolizes the joy, passion and love that goes into the design and production of each design.