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Devika "The Little Goddess" Bikini Top - reversible in olive and black

Devika "The Little Goddess" Bikini Top - reversible in olive and black

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The Devika Bikini is designed to offer an elegant and minimalist style on sunny summer days, optimized to give you an even tan with minimal lines. This bikini top has an extremely thin underbust band and thin straps, ideal for a discreet and stylish look.

The reversible function provides two different bikinis in one, so you can choose between two attractive colors depending on your style and occasion. The bikini top is made from a high-quality 80/20 Lycra/Nylon blend that ensures both comfort and durability.


  • Ultra-thin underbust and straps to minimize the visibility of "tan lines".
  • Reversible design provides two different style choices in one bikini.
  • Made from a premium 80/20 Lycra/Nylon blend for superior comfort and durability.
  • Perfect for those seeking a refined and minimalist approach to beach fashion.
  • The sizes can be perceived as small, so it is recommended to choose a size larger if you are unsure.

Let the Devika Bikini Top highlight your natural elegance and style as you enjoy summer days at the beach or pool. Explore the world of sophisticated beach fashion with a bikini top that stands out for its elegance and functionality.

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